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Forgiving Tanya Libro EPUB, PDF

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Forgiving Tanya PDF DJVU por Vanessa Richards
  • Libro de calificación:
    4.24 de 5 (253 votos)
  • Título Original: Forgiving Tanya
  • Autor del libro: Vanessa Richards
  • ISBN: -
  • Idioma: ES
  • Páginas recuento:26
  • Realese fecha:2017-08-23
  • Descargar Formatos: PDF, DJVU, AZW, CHM, MOBI, TXT, MS WORD, ODF
  • Tamaño de Archivo: 14.24 Mb
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Forgiving Tanya por Vanessa Richards Libro PDF, EPUB

Tanya is a young woman whose best friend loses her life in a tragic accident in which she blames herself...Years later, she suffers from guilt and her life stagnates. But she eventually finds a church where she meets a series of lost and broken people-as well as an angel that has been watching over her ever since that fateful night at the beach.